Monday, January 26, 2009

Albinos taste the best, or so I hear

Sometimes the headlines I read make me thing the world is crazy. But then I realize it's the people who are crazy. More to the point, it's the religious people who are crazy. Take this report about albinos fearing for their lives because local witchdoctors have started to use albino body parts in religious rituals. 40 albinos have been killed since 2007. It's crazy.

In the past, albinos had a difficult enough time because of the superstition surrounding them but, for a few years now, their lives have been made wretched because witch doctors have started making use of their body parts. Mkombozi Omari is the head of Tanzania's Traditional Doctors' Association. Does he chop up albinos? "There are herbal doctors and there are witch doctors," he answers sharply, "I am a herbal doctor".

Herbal doctor…. I wonder if he smokes albinos instead?

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