Saturday, January 31, 2009

January of 09 is history

I thought it might be a good idea to keep track of my progress toward achieving my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions.

I lost 4 pounds on my journey to another 50 pound loss. by the way, whatever anybody tells you about weight loss, it really comes down to eat less and exercise more .

I’ve come close to paring the La Mirada disc golf course. I’m within two or three shots of this goal. However, to shave those shots off I’ve started a nightly practice session. It is helping. I’m recording my results at my disc golf blog, Rattling the Chains.

I can play two games back to back without a problem. Three will tire me out. My goal is four. That’s about five hours of continuous exercise.  I’m working towards it every day.

I read the Tao of Photography already this year. I have eleven more  nonfiction books to go. I purchased, How To Read A Photography by Ian Jeffrey, and Making It All Work by David Allen  today. Hopefully, I will polish both of them off in February.

I have a goal of visiting 12 museums or galleries (and posting on them). I’ve visited two so far. The Berkeley Art Museum, and the Bowers Museum. I think this goal will be easy. I love visiting museums.

I wrote one poem. 12 poems is a difficult goal. My best guess is that I went through 20 revisions after I managed to finish the first draft. I submitted it for publication. I’ll keep you posted.

Against the goal of adding 12 pictures to my portfolio, I’ve added three. End of the Day, Murder Hands, and At times I do not sleep. I don’t know if they will make the final cut. But three is a good start.

I have a goal of learning to take better HDR photos. I’ve worked on this some. The results are disappointing. I may need to get some outside help.

I wrote 68 posts to deep thoughts against a goal of 50. So I’m on track for this goal.

As for building the Atheist Blogroll to 1000 members. I am powerless at the moment. The powers that be at have yet to return the maintenance interface to production. I have not been able to do updates or deletes. We continue to grow, but I don’t really know how many are active. Suffice it to say that I discussed it with an old profession from the business school at Pepperdine. He thought it would be a good case study for how to alienate your customers.