Sunday, June 03, 2007

eharmony follow-up

I owe this to the women who responded to my eharmony profile - all 10 of them. eharmony does not discriminate against Atheists. In fact, I am sure that one of their personality dimension is religion. They made sure I was matched with people who were not religious. I do not agree with this approach, but what do I know about dating? 

My first response was from Alabama. A 40 something mother of an adopted Russian girl. She was looking for any excuse to leave the trailer park. She terminated our relationship before it could start - It was all my fault... or so she said. My guess is that she did not like the word Atheism used in ever other sentence of my profile (I sounded a little fundie). Of course it could have been the picture of John Candy which I used in my profile.

All the other women were quite normal. The were between the ages of 35 and 42, had a least one kid, were divorced, and genuinely interested in me. Most were into new age stuff, walks on the beach, and meeting "real people".

I've got to be honest. The only woman who appealed to me was the 48 year old Italian with three kids who liked to cook. She went into great detail about the types of Italian food she could cook. She also make a point of saying that the kids were almost out of the house, and that she could cook up a storm. I don't think she will be single for long.

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