Saturday, December 16, 2017

if Jesus had a gun

I don't know who shot this, but you are my hero.

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Anonymous said...

No offence but I don’t agree. The scriptures tell us that Christ willingly went to his death as it was the paramount purpose of his coming to earth. He knew he had to die so that he could take the sins of every person (both present and future) who accepted God’s gift of salvation by accepting Christ as their Lird and Saviour, into himself so that he would suffer in their place and their sins would die with him.He could have easily prevented it. When one of his disciples brought out a sword and cut off the ear of one of the members of the party which came to arrest Jesus told him to put down his sword saying something to the effect of “think thou not I could call upon my father and he would send 10 legions of angels?” Im not trying to proselytize here. I am merely pointing out that atheist or believer, whoever created that sign either hadn’t ever studied the bible or had and simply chose to ignore what was written in it. I’m not criticizing you Mojoey, just the statement of whoever created the sign. Thanks for hearing me out. I hope you return to God again Mojoey. I feel so bad for you. God Bless you.