Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rutting religious scumbags

Hey, my choice of titles of deliberate. What else do you call two Christian Republican Party elected politicians who cover up an affair with a vicious lie? They are rutting, they are Christians, they are elected officials and most notably, they are lying scumbags. Michigan state Rep. Todd Courser (R) and Rep. Cinday Gamrat (R) are no longer elected officials. Courser resigned and Gamrat was expelled. I say good riddance to both of them.

Courser's alleged extramarital affair with Gamrat was exposed by the Detroit News in August after Courser reportedly asked one of his aides to leak that Courser was spotted with a male prostitute. Courser later claimed that he faked the gay sex scandal to expose blackmailers.

The Michigan House disciplinary committee recommended on Thursday that both Courser and Gamrat be expelled for their roles in the affair and cover-up, prompting a lengthy debate on the state House floor.
- via Talking Points Memo

It is justice of sorts. I’m sure they’ve asked for forgiveness though, so it’s all good. Gamrat is still in a state of denial though. As a Christian who ran on social conservative platform, how can she think that having an affair (she is married and her Christian lover is also married), plus lying about the affair in a vicious an horrible way, makes her qualified to represent her conservative Christian constituents? She failed the trust test. The fact that she does not see that is mystifying on one level and expected on another. She is more interested in making sure other people do what she thinks is the moral thing. Those rules do not apply to her.

Don’t get me started on Courser… what an ass.