Friday, January 17, 2014

Pastor Tom Randall arrested

Officials in the Philippines have arrested pastor Tom Randall of World Harvest Ministries on charges of child molestations, rape, and human trafficking. The crimes carry the death penalty. Randall alleged used girls from his orphanage for sex and would send young girls to service his friends.

A report published on (a Filipino national news website), states Randall was arrested for “allegedly abusing children” and that Toto Luchavez and Jake Luchavez were also arrested for allegedly sending “orphaned girls to friends for sex.” The report describes Randall as a former player in the Manila Industrial and Commercial Athletic Association (the forerunner to the Philippine Basketball Association) and states that the three men are facing charges of human trafficking, rape and child abuse.

Source:Hudson pastor being held on charges of human trafficking in Philippines by Colette M. Jenkins

Coverage of Randall’s arrest in the United States is sympathetic and paints Randall as a victim. For example:

However, his friends in Oklahoma don’t believe the allegations.

Jim Woodward, a professional with the PGA, says, “Those kids meant everything to him.”

John O’Dell, the director of Oklahoma’s FCA, says, “He invested his life into that country for many, many, many years.”

They called Randall the go-to guy for inspiration to golfers at clubs like Oak Tree National in Edmond.

Source: Oklahoma pastor arrested in Philippines on child molestation charges by Paige Hill

The article goes on to paint a favorable profile. Fuck Paige Hill. 

Or this…

HUDSON, Ohio - Nearly 15,000 supporters of a Hudson-based pastor working overseas have rallied to his defense on Facebook as he faces serious charges.

Tom Randall, who lives in Stow and works part-time at a Hudson church, has been detained by authorities in the Philippines and charged with human trafficking, according to the Nordonia Hills News Leader.

A former chaplain for the PGA tour in Oklahoma, Randall went to the Philippines to check on an orphanage he helped start and to provide relief after a devastation typhoon hit the country, his defenders say.

Source:Facebook supporters rally for Hudson pastor Tom Randall in Philippines jail for human trafficking by Chris Horne

The story being told is that Randall was setup by a rival orphanage owner. Rival orphanage? What the hell?

The accusor was not pleased. He refused to meet with Tom to discuss the Child Services and the FBI report. He went quiet. We hoped he would realize the damage false accusations can do. Instead he went to the U.S. Embassy and Homeland Security. The original charge was that a worker at the orphanage had kissed one of the girls. That ended up to be untrue. The girl recanted the story and said she made it up because she was angry that privileges had been taken away as discipline. By the time the accusation was presented to the U.S.Embassy the charge was that the World Harvest orphanage was actually a front for sex trafficking. For those of us who know Tom the charge borders on insanity but to Homeland Security it seemed all too possible. The charges morphing from a worker kissing a child to Tom being guilty of aiding and abetting a sex trafficking ring is something someone will have to account for some day.

The story in America is that a good man stands falsely accused. His supporters want him released from prison and sent back to America where he will be out of reach of Justice. They claim his health is failing, which evokes Midnight Express. They claim the process is corrupt and that no justice will be found. They give the story no credence. They fear the punishment, which is death. 

I’ll keep an open mind. Give Randall his day in court. If he did molest those little girls, then let the authorities deal with him via the law of the land. That is justice. If Randall cannot pay the price, he should not play the game.  

By the way… the story does not make sense. The U.S. Embassy has no authority to arrest and detain people in the Philippines, nor does Homeland Security. This alternate description of events does not ring true. Sorry. 

Update 2/4/2014 

Pastor Tom Randall Vindicated