Saturday, December 15, 2012

Put a sock in it Bryan Fischer

The is no link between God, prayer and reduced violence. If there were a link, there would fewer wars, no clergy sexual abuse, and much less violence in the world. It is wishful thinking. It is blaming the insane acts of a single person on something that is not linked to prayer in any way. It is politicizing murder for ratings and for agenda driven political gain. Put prayer back in school and there will be no school shooting. Put bible study in school and there will be no drug use. Blah, blah, blah… All that stuff happened back in the good old days too. What the hell are they thinking? 

The libertarians are saying that if the school had not been a gun-free zone an armed teacher would have saved the day. That is the same kind of flawed thinking that the Religious Right uses. A gun-toting teacher may have saved the day. A million gun-toting teachers could have prevented the shooting, but then, I am sure there would be a significant body count  related to the misuse of those guns. A million teachers and students praying each day would have done nothing other than gather victims in one place for easy execution. God does not protect us. He does not intervene to save the lives of innocent children. He does not take action in any way because he is a fictional entity that exists only in the minds of those who believe in him. Belief may cause a Christian teacher to shied a child with his or her body, but then, so might common decency, or our innate ability to see that children need protection from violence. 

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association and the nutball in the video above  said…

“You know the question’s gonna come up, where was God? I thought God cared about the little children, God protected the little children. Where was God when all this went down? And here’s the bottom line: God is not gonna go where he’s not wanted.”

Oh my… Fischer is such an ass. Was God wanted at a church is Westlake Village where a cold-blooded murder took place recently? Did God step in to stop the senseless death a good Christian father? Did Andres Ordonez pray in the wrong way? Was his church not holy enough? Do they follow the wrong doctrine? Did members face the wrong direction when praying or did they improperly position their hands? Did God decide not to intervene because there are not enough churches in Los Angeles, or because we allow gay marriage? I'm sure Andres Ordonez's young widow would like to know what she can do to get God's protection. Can you tell her Bryan Fischer? Can you tell her son?

"He did ask for his dad recently, just yesterday," said Mendez. "I just tried to explain to him that his dad is in heaven. I just point up there. The only thing he does is look up and say to his daddy, 'Bye bye.'"

Bryan Fisher, you are a jackass and professional liar. God does not protect us. School prayer does not stop school shootings. Reading the bible does not stop bullets. God does not intervene in our lives. You are an ass and your message is one of hate. Stop talking. 

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PersephoneK said...

I disagree with your wrapping the so called Libertarian argument into the religious one. At least with the more guns argument there is some data to back it up. The question is far from decidedly answered. It can be debated on the merits of the evidenta and logic. The power of prayer has been scientifically debunked. Try not to let your own bias. interfere with the discussion. or at least admit to it.