Sunday, November 25, 2012

Photography - Dust and Grooves

KCET’s Artbound blog has an interesting article by Oliver Wang called Record Collectors in Their Natural Habitats: Eilon Paz Photographs Vinyl Addicts in the Wild. Wang profiles photographer Eilon Paz about his successful Kickstarter photography project called Dust and Grooves.

Cut Chemist, Music producer and a vinyl record collector from Los Angeles, CA photographed with his vinyl collection at his home for Dust & Grooves. © Copyright - Eilon Paz - www.dustandgrooves.comPaz is out in Los Angeles as part of the West Tour "tour" for his Dust & Grooves (D&G) project. D&G began when Paz relocated from his home country of Israel to New York City in 2008. While he makes his living shooting mostly portraiture, he wanted to find a side project to hold his interest. As a record fanatic himself, Paz gravitated to other vinyl junkies and began with shooting Brazilian record collector and store owner Joel Oliveria four years ago

What a fascinating idea for a photography project. I ought to hook him up with my son.