Sunday, July 29, 2012

File this one under wtf

Christian ventriloquist Ronald William Brown of Largo, Florida, was arrested for possession of child pornography. But wait, there's more…

Arnett and Brown, via Internet chat, discussed one specific boy at the church whom Brown fantasized about murdering and cannibalizing ("I imagine him wiggling and then going still," commented Brown) and how human flesh tastes when prepared in various ways. They also talked about "snuffing" kids, and how they'd go about it: when Arnett sent Brown a photograph of a strangled three-year-old girl, Brown was enthralled, and said that's how he'd "do" the young parishioner they had discussed earlier.

Read more: Longtime Church Puppeteer Arrested For Harboring Fantasies of Pedophilia, Cannibalism and Murder by Anna Breslaw of Jezebel

I’m actually at a loss for words here; creepy comes to mind, but does not do the case justice.

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