Sunday, June 24, 2012

Death by circumcision

It’s hard to write about this stuff. I’m a grandfather now and children seem to be more precious than ever. It’s hard to read about the death of an innocent child, especially when it happens as part of a senseless religious practice.A child died because of a botched circumcision. It did not have to happen.

A one-month-old baby from Queen’s Park bled to death less than two days after he was circumcised, an inquest heard.

Angelo Ofori-Mintah’s operation went according to plan, but a few hours later the incision began to bleed.

Westminster Coroner’s Court heard it eventually stopped and his mother Maame Abrafi, who lives in Ashmore Road, thought he was fine.

Source: Queen’s Park baby bled to death two days after being circumcised

The baby bleed to death after two days. The circumcision was unnecessary. It could have been performed by a doctor. The mother could have had the common sense to consult a doctor instead of a Rabbi once she realized her child was bleeding. I mean… crap. Why must a child die for a religion’s stupidity?