Saturday, May 12, 2012

Youth pastor Brian Brijbag update

brian_brijbagFormer Baptist youth pastor Brian Brijbag, profiled here, entered a no contest plea to a lessor charge child abuse, ending his trail for having sexual relations with a 17-year old female congregant. Brijbag is also alleged to have engaged in a sexual relationship with an 18-year old girl.

Brijbag was the youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Booksville. He is married with three children. The plea deal allows him to avoid prison and the sex offender registry.

As part of his plea agreement, Brian Brijbag, 36, will serve three years probation, undergo sex offender counseling, pay a $964 fine and have no contact with his accuser.

Source: Plea lets former Brooksville youth Minister avoid prison

This story posted on May 11th. This morning an anonymous poster dropped the following comment in Blogger’s comments. (I moved it to Intense Debate).

I am sorry but your article seems very ignorant. I do not know this man at all but I do believe he is innocent. The 17 year old said they did not have sex and after 4 hours of being objectified by a law enforcement officer (who is now fired and has been arrested for nonrelated sexual charges), she confessed but with extreme restraint. Please educate yourself fully on a matter before you post something as hateful as this article.

This comment does not ring true to me, does it to you? Whoever made it is trying to point blame away from Brijbag and towards the victim. Who would do that except for somebody involved in the case?

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Anonymous said...

A few years later and this scum bag married one of his 17 year old girls he messed around with. It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that somebody else has noticed this and hasnt pushed this case to the back burner. I knew he was guilty, all along. The fact that he married one of the girls just proves his guilt more true. I wish this case could be brought back so he could serve his time, justly. Im disgusted with the fact that I opened my heart up to this man and trusted him as my youth pastor while all of this was taking place and to think that there are people who were a part of his youth group who still stand beside him and support this marriage.