Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introducing Atheism is Religion

Note: I realize Atheism is Religion may raise a few concerns as it runs counter to our prevailing rhetorical position, but the world is made of all types, so I let this blog join. I expect you all to be nice when visiting his blog.

We’ve had a new blog join the Atheist Blogroll: Atheism is Religion

Hey! My name is Gareth Mensah,

I'm an ordained atheist minister who wrote a scripture for non-believers called Ordo Abchao, in which atheists, agnostics, gnostics, and part-time believers will find one bad-ass, epic immersion into the life of a member of the Atheism Is Religion (AIR) movement trying to survive one hell of an apocalyptic future where winged-creatures have invaded Earth, but mysteriously disappear at night.

I've created www.atheismisreligion.org where I post ten daily tips and wisdoms on how to become a better atheist. Theres' an assumption that exist within the non-believer community that atheism and anti-theism are one and the same, or broadly that a disbelief in god(s) necessarily goes with anti-religious feelings. As an ordained atheist minister, I try to dispel this misconception, and I also have a wiki about the AIR (Atheism Is Religion) movement called www.ordoabwiki.org where I explain the project of Ordo Abchao and the AIR movement. I also have another blog called o2a2.org where I aggregate all atheist-inspired graphics, quotes or videos.

So come check out my blogs for more information.  There are many voices in the non-believer community, I'm trying to voice mine and that of those with similar views that religion and atheism are not contradictory, but might actually be the future of the movement.

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