Saturday, January 28, 2012

Atheists will find this sickening

I read a post on Jonathan Turley about pastor Rick Bartlett killing a neighbor's cat by throwing it off a bridge. It fell 50 feet. Bartlett’s going down for the crime, of that there is little doubt. He was dumb enough to kill the cat after being caught with it in his possession. What I found more disturbing was the comment, “Atheists will find this sickening”. Really?

Let us assume that we do not know that Bartlett is a pastor. Would a reasonable person find his actions sickening? I think so. The fact that he is a pastor served to bring this hateful crime to my attention. His crime offends my sense of decency and my love for animals (even cats). I am sickened by this act of cruelty because it’s wrong; not because he is a pastor. I would hope other people feel the same way.

The cat’s owners posted this at the Digital Texan.

…My sweet Moody was found dying at the bottom of the bridge that runs over Fisherman’s Park, miles away from my neighborhood in Riverside Grove!Moody was taken to the Veterinarian after he was found barely alive under the bridge. He suffered for hours under that bridge, in unspeakable pain. He had collapsed lungs, was struggling to breathe. The pads of his paws were torn from his feet! When Moody saw me he couldn’t sit up but he tried to, he was crying out for me, he wanted his mommy to make it better and I couldn’t! He died a few hours later.My poor Moody suffered at the hands of this man, Rick Bartlett. Moody was such a sweet boy, and when I think about how he died and how scared he must have been to have this strange man hurting him, it breaks my heart!…

A pastor trapped a cat. Neglected in by keeping it in a cage for three days without food or water. Turned it in to animal control, then lied and took the cat back when he realized the it would be returned to its owners. The next time we see the cat, it’s near death. Are these the actions of a Christian? Are these the actions of a pastor? How can anyone listen to this man’s words if his actions are so inconsistent with his faith? Hypocrisy! Lies! Violence!

I bet he’s be preaching tomorrow..

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