Saturday, December 03, 2011

Don’t let your spare change support hate

People look at me odd when I rail against the Salvation Army, but I know them to be anti-gay rights campaigners of a vein similar to the Catholic Church. They do not deserve our spare change. What we give may help feed the poor with one situation, but in another it may be put to work to deny basic human rights to gays and lesbians around the world. Screw the Salvation Army. There are better ways to help the needy.

Read this: The Salvation Army: Ringing anti-gay bells this holiday season by Jamie McGonnigal.

The article chronicles some of the Salvation Army’s overt anti-gay misdeeds. The Salvation Army does not deserve secular support. Do not give to the local storefront Santas. Give elsewhere, like Kiva, Goodwill, Doctors Without Borders, or better yet, donate to a local HIV/AIDS charity, like the Long Beach AIDS Foundation or C.A.R.E. Help people without hatred and bias. Put your spare change to work helping all people in need. Do not support hate. It’s bad for your nonexistent karma.

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