Friday, November 04, 2011

Youth pastor Michael Lee arrested

Baptist youth pastor Michael Lee responded to an advertisement that was looking for men who wanted to have private fun with children. He was arrested on the spot. Kind of creepy, right?

When the suspects arrived at the operation site, a home in west Orange County, they were greeted by an undercover officer posing as a mother. Once inside, they were taken down immediately by several deputies staged inside. Cameras caught each arrest on video.

Source: Disney worker, youth pastor and 48 others charged Operation SpiderWeb sex sting by Bianca Prieto

Michael Lee is the youth pastor at Eastland Baptist Church, which is also infamous for the conviction of a child molesting Sunday school teacher name Ed Wilcox back in 2009. Eastland Baptist Church also runs a Christian school. I’d be re-thinking my commitment to the church about now…