Sunday, November 20, 2011

iPhone photo - abstract line pattern

I found myself wandering in Lowe's recently. I don't shop. I look at colors and shapes and things. I shoot too. I always shoot. I've had this concentration problem since I was a child. I lose myself in my head mind and time slips by like it's counted in hours instead of seconds. I looked down and saw the pattern, then looked up to find that 10 minutes had slipped by. I had even ignored a clerk who was hovering around trying to help me. The conversation was weird. I muttered something about me wife and slipped away. I think I have the opposite of ADD or some such. I'm sure there is some combination of letters that explains how I get lost in my mind. I away come out of it with a photo though. So screw treatment.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that you, like some of us, are a deep thinker and allow freedom for your senses to let them take you places in your head as well. Things can trigger what almost feels like ie: time travel, other dimensional 3-D live action in the most bizarre moments and/or places we happen to be.

I am a ponderer; have been accused of staring at people who I didn't notice were anywhere in my sphere since deeply entrenched in thought. (that can cause issues with the younger set who are offended a person glances in their direction...let alone someone like myself who has traversed several universes & back in my thoughts while staring at nothing ...sunglasses help avoid confrontation in those public situations!)

Bottom line...for some of us there are portals to alternate dimensions, galaxies and universes to visit and revisit via our gray cells motivated by what is around us triggering a deep pondering.