Friday, October 28, 2011

Youth pastor Joshua Drucker sentenced to death

JoshuaDruckerI don’t make this stuff up. Ex-youth pastor Joshua Drucker was sentenced to death for the murder of Andrew Robertson and Lora Nikolova. It’s a sordid affair and drugs played a big part of the story. I must ask, would Jesus pop a cap in a defenseless woman?

Prosecutors said Drucker went to Robertson's house near Marietta on April 5, 2004, under the pretense of visiting him. He chatted with Robertson and Nikolova, and then shot Robertson when he stood to fetch some marijuana in the kitchen. Drucker turned the gun on Nikolova after she began hitting him and screaming, "You killed him!"

Source: Former youth pastor found guilty of murdering 2 friends

Drucker was the youth pastor at his father’s Global Outreach Church in Stockbridge.

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