Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo - Girl on iPhone


I’m dangerous when it comes to photography. I shoot whatever I want. Even if it is invasive. Even if I’m driving. Even if my wife yells at me. I shoot and shoot and shoot.  I know one that day somebody will punch me in the nose, but I’m pretty sure my size keeps the majority of people at bay anyway. So I shoot, and shoot, and shoot some more. Like this photo.

I was hanging out on Park street in Alameda while my family hit the shops. I hate shopping. It interferes with shooting. The young lady started to pull from her parking spot but stopped to make a text. She pulled part way out and then stopped again. She did it three more times (to the massive frustration of other drivers) before she finally pulled away. I could not help myself. I shot what I hopped was a not-to-creepy picture of youthful folly. Cause… you know I would never…

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