Sunday, October 23, 2011

No rapture in Alameda

I visited Alameda this weekend. I wanted to be near ground zero when Harold Camping's delusional rapture hit. The city was quiet. There was no rolling earthquake. I did not even see any religious nutters out and about; only shoppers and people taking advantage of weather. It was a perfect day.

People like Camping are useful. They highlight the folly of dabbling in the metaphysical and should serve as a warning to potential followers. Camping is an old fool of a man who wants to see his god return before he dies. I think it is because Camping has no faith that he will see god after his death.

Camping's church is a normal looking on the outside. You could not tell that it is chock full of crazy. It looks like every other little community church in America. It's a trap much like a gingerbread house. The witch in this case is Camping and he wants to eat your sanity. Enter if you dare: Christian Reformed Church of Alameda.