Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's All About the Benjamins (and the Cadillacs)

Organized religion is a business. People steal from businesses; even church officers. Church secretary Treva Toshanda Tatum, pastor John Albert Jackson, and deacon John Albert Jackson II, were all arrested in connection with charges the Tatum allegedly defrauded Goodwill Baptist Church. Tatum is alleged to have charged personal items on a credit card taken out by her in name of the church, but without the church’s knowledge. But it’s all good. The church will survive… but without it’s pastor, deacon, and secretary.

Don’t think the pastor is just caught up in the crimes of his secretary either. He’s already been arrested for embezzlement (May 2011). He needed insurance for his 5 personal Cadillacs. Now he faces felony conspiracy charges for credit card payments for car repair work to cover expenses incurred during a collision he caused.