Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And the beat goes on

JonathanOfftLutheran pastor of Cedar Rapids ended his pastoral career by responding to an sexually orientated advertisement for a call girl. All Offt was looking for was cheap anonymous sex, instead he found the Marion Police Department running a sting operation.

Marion police Sgt. Lance Miller said Offt arrived at the meeting place and was arrested when he offered money in exchange for a sex act. Officers in tactical gear performed the arrests.

“After that, he was pretty sullen,” Miller said.

Source: Cedar Rapids pastor among nine men charged in prostitution sting by Jeff Raasch.

Pretty sullen? No kidding… When you flush your career down the toilet over an impulse control issue, sullen is simply one of the phases you go through after the arrest. It’s right up there with fear over what will he will tell his wife, mother, daughter…

Did I mention Offt is married with a daughter? Can you imagine that phone call? Honey, I was weak… bullshit.

Offt was removed from Trinity Lutheran’s website and replaced by his assistant pastor within hours of the story breaking in the press. The church did acknowledge the arrest by posting a statement. That’s more than most pastor get when they fall. It’s a cold hard world out there. I hope Offt has some job skills.

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