Monday, October 10, 2011

Addiction has mean hooks

And sometimes the hooks snare pastors…

RickyReedTake the case of Methodist pastor Rickey Alan Reed. The Smyrna Police Department arrested him after a parishioner showed video evidence of the pastor attempting to break into their home in an attempt to steal the painkiller Lortab. The parishioner had noticed somebody was stealing his painkiller prescription and setup video surveillance to catch the thief.

I’ve known addicts who will steal from the wives, mothers, and lifelong friends. I’ve known addicts who will give up their jobs, marriages, and friendships. All of this in service of a quick fix. It makes me sad. Addicts need help.

Of course, I’m guessing that Reed is an addict. The alternatives are scary. Was he stealing drugs to resell them? That does not seem plausible. There are much easier things to steal. I’m lucky. Opioids make me puke.

Hat tip GIGOwiz

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