Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What if a pastor were a serial rapist?

I write about a lot of evil manipulative degenerate pastors. I may have found a contender for the worst of the worst. Pastor Matthew Dwayne Jarrell killed himself in a West Virginia jail cell after an arrest for sexual assault. Police think Jarrell may have traveled the country leading a double life as a Baptist pastor and serial rapist, or perhaps even worse. Police found disturbing equipment in his van from an arrest in 2007.

In his vehicle they found two knives, a stun gun, leather gloves, video equipment and a machete.

Jarrell had a murder kit.The police think there are more victims.

"You have a four-year time span," said Detective Cpl. L.S. Deitz of the Kanawha County (W.Va.) Sheriff's Office. "Most people, when they commit crimes . . . most likely, there are additional incidences that they have not been caught for. . . . We're wondering exactly what he has done, if anything."

Four years of travel, a murder kit, and two arrests for sexual assault, it’s no wonder Jarrell killed himself. The jig was up.