Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Youth pastor Drew Underwood

Youth pastor – why do you think it’s ok to solicit underage girls for sex over the internet? OK – I’m assuming it’s the internet. I could be wrong. The facts state “electronic communication system”. Youth pastor Drew Underwood has some explaining to do.
Underwood is a former employee of Kentucky Heartland Outreach. He posted on his MySpace page that he is a youth minister at Mt. Roberts Baptist Church. Pickard said he was also told that Underwood maintains that employment.
However, Kyle Franklin, pastor at Mt. Roberts Baptist Church, said just before press time that Underwood no longer works at his church. He declined to stay when Underwood's employment ended.
I consider this type of idiocy culling the herd.

 Update 11/22/2011 - All charges were dropped against Drew Underwood after it was shown that other people had access to his computer.

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