Monday, February 07, 2011

Photo - Industrial America

Industrial America

At times my day can be incredibly stressful. I use photography to reduce the stress. For me it’s just like taking a walk. My mind goes blank, I look for the shot I want, and then push the shutter release. Every now and then I produce something I’m proud of.

I waited to post this because I had a problem with the image that took a few weeks to work out. It felt right today because my day was crazy and I need to work on something other than my real life job as a project manager.

I woke early and drove across LA (2.5 hours). I attended two conference calls and a call with my boss during the drive, along with five other short calls. I don’t remember the drive. I met with the management team of a large business for two hours while they asked me a million questions about a project I’m about to deliver for them. I gave a pep talk to my team there, and then drove across LA (1.5 hours) to my office in Carson. While filing my truck with gas I stood looking at this scene pictured above (without my camera). I spent the afternoon prepping for a 3:00 pm meeting that went to 6:00, and then drove another hour through traffic to my mother’s house for a nice visit and to catch up on her visit to my sister. When I finally got home, my brain was fried, but I still felt the need to create. I started working on my take from a few previous photo shoots, made some catch up posts to Flickr and finished this photo. And it’s only Monday.

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