Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pastor Tom Daniels to stand trial

TomDanielsPastor Tommy Gene Daniels of the Frist Baptist Church of Rio Linda will stand trial for allegedly raping children as young as five year of age.
Before Daniels' arrest Dec. 9, the five-bedroom home he shared with his wife of 25 years had been on the radar of law enforcement and child welfare agencies, according to a Bee review of court documents and state licensing records.
The 6-foot-2 defendant is pastor of First Baptist Church of Rio Linda, where he is listed on the church's website as senior pastor. His wife Brenda, 46, is listed in bankruptcy documents as the church's paid youth director.
Daniels allegedly molested young girls who were placed in his care by government officials. He’s been under suspicion for years. My original post on him from January 3rd has more information. And lets not forget, while he was allegedly molesting young girls, the rat bastard was fighting proposition 8 and gay rights.
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