Saturday, October 16, 2010

Police investigate teacher at Christian School

A tipster sent this one in. A unnamed teacher at Christian Life School is under investigation for alleged inappropriate contact with a student. This case is notable because the teacher might have a history of inappropriate behavior.

Meantime, several parents also told KARE 11 that the teacher has a history of inappropriate contact with students that dates back many years.

Administrators with Christian Life School said they learned of the investigation on Thursday.

"Right now it's quite a bit of a shock. We're a community that's pretty close. We love the Christian Life community. We love the Farmington community. And this is something that is definitely very heavy on our hearts right now," said Pastor Darin Kindle, the school's administrator.

It’s early in the investigation. I don’t like to name names until charges are brought. I want to thank the tipster for the story and the teacher’s name. It’s in my Google news search tool now so I can watch for the arrest.

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