Friday, September 24, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long to step down?

The reports keep coming in that Bishop Eddie Long plans to step down on Sunday. And now there are reports that an additional 30 young men may come forward with similar allegations. We will find out for sure in just two days.

How does abuse of this scale exist in a large church without the congregation knowing or at least being aware of the rumors? That’s the question I want an answer to. How long did people know and why did they let it go on?


Anonymous said...

The father of a victim discusses Long convincing Legrande boy to call him "dad"

In fact, he resented it.

"He was doing all these things for him. I couldn't compete," LeGrande said in a phone interview Friday.

"He would call him dad in front of me. That would hurt me."

LeGrande separated from his son's mother before Spencer could walk. After that, he saw him only on the occasional Christmas. But he said he started building a relationship when Spencer reached the age of 11. Then it grew to weekend visits.

Just a few years later, LeGrande says, he lost his son again -- this time to Eddie Long.

He said he wondered at the time why his son's stay in Atlanta seem to end so abruptly.

Anonymous said...

Took the plunge to the dark side and read Long's church web site ... followed links too. (feel the need for a rape victim shower after all that)

He has a serious contempt for women in his verbalization. RED FLAG?

A parishioner posted:

"Our Bishop has moved from the Pastoral to the Apostolic and It time to tie up those "loose ends" that will keep you from moving to the next level"

Sounds so Jim Jones kool-aid and bloated corpses, squared.

Long has a manifesto he wrote for 2010 wherein he states "this is the year where I get out of the boat and walk on water"