Friday, September 24, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long hides from charges

Like we did not see this coming, Bishop Eddie Long cancelled his TV appearances. He plans to address charges from the pulpit, where he can say what he wants without interruption or questions (and with the power of God behind him).

Bishop Eddie Long has canceled his press conference scheduled for today and his appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, scheduled for Friday. The Atlanta-based mega-church pastor has been accused by three different men of sexual coercion…

The press will be banned from Sunday’s service. Security will be at the door making sure no undesirables get in. They will circle the wagons. It will get worse, much worse.

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Anonymous said...

on the African American operated web site:

Scroll down to the poll asking if you think Long is homosexual

of the 12,230 responses (at time of this writing)

48% "yes"
29% "who cares"
23% "no"

Am rather stunned that this nation is still willing to define married sexual deviants as "homosexual". As we all know, most pedophiles are in heterosexual marriages/relationships.

Also am disturbed at the fact the Catholic Priest scandals elevate headlines regarding priests who assault boys and ignore the thousands of little girls who were sexually assaulted that are reported in the files and court cases.

It's all rather convenient as a propaganda ploy to feed the homophobia required to get mouth breathers into voting booths by ignoring the female victims of pedophilia priests/pastors/ministers.