Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pastor Kenneth Kleckner arrested

KenKleckner I love it when the cops pull a potential sexual predator off the streets. The get bonus points when it’s a pastor. Pastor Kenneth Kleckner of Ocala West United Methodist Church was arrested for soliciting a minor.

Pastor Kleckner should know not to use the internet to find underage sexual partners. There’s always a chance it’s going to be officer Fred posing as 14-year-old Sally. How many more pastors will fall to this temptation?

Investigators from SOS said Kleckner had an online relationship for the last month with a person he believed was a juvenile girl. That “girl” was actually an SOS detective.

"He stated that, I guess you could say, quote, that he got caught up in it. He started engaging in the chat and it just started to lead that way to him," said Detective Philip Graves, Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Pastor Kleckner has a wife and four kids. Did you hear that toilet flush? It was your life slipping into the sewer…