Tuesday, May 04, 2010

All hail the king of the hypocrites

GeorgeAlanRekers You might know Pastor George Alan Rekers as a rightwing conservative Baptist pastor who is perhaps the most active anti-gay activist in America today.  He’s a pal of James Dobson, and if that were not enough, he fights against gay couples adopting children and other lifestyle related issues that are none of his business. He is the enemy, plan and simple.

Would it surprise you to find out he’s been outed? Because he has…

On April 13, the "rent boy" (whom we'll call Lucien) arrived at Miami International Airport on Iberian Airlines Flight 6123, after a ten-day, fully subsidized trip to Europe. He was soon followed out of customs by an old man with an atavistic mustache and a desperate blond comb-over, pushing an overburdened baggage cart.

That man was George Alan Rekers, of North Miami — the callboy's client and, as it happens, one of America's most prominent anti-gay activists.

That’s right. Mr. Anti-gay bigot rented a gay escort to accompany him on a vacation to Bermuda. His poorly thought-out excuse when confronted by the allegation was epic… He paid a gay escort to accompany him so that he would have somebody to carry his luggage.

"I had surgery," Rekers said, "and I can't lift luggage. That's why I hired him."

This should end his career, right?

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