Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pastor Howard Barr arrested

HowardBarr Pastor Howard Barr of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church was arrested for domestic violence a few days ago. Everyone knows domestic violence is a gateway offence for more serious crimes, so into Hypocrisy Watch he goes. Every abuse case has a theme song in my head. This time it is the thoroughly annoying Smack My Bitch Up, by Prodigy.

Change my pitch up, smack my bitch up
Change my pitch up, smack my bitch up
Change my pitch up, smack my bitch up

HowardBarr1a Pastor Barr’s crime was simple. He pushed his wife around. That may be ok for a Muslim, but a Christian pastor should know better.

The report said Barr and his wife were arguing when she came home that evening, and as she tried to get out of her Lincoln Navigator, he blocked her exit. Joyce Barr said that as she tried to walk past her husband, he pushed her against the vehicle. She said she ran past him into the street, shouting, "get away from me and don't touch me."

Of course, his church stands behind their pastor, but apparently not their “first lady”.

Howard Barr3 "We love our pastor and we're going to support him as much as we can," church member Pearl Burke said.

"I'm a sole believer that everybody deserves a second chance," member Norman Giddings of Boynton Beach said. "That's my pastor and I'm standing behind him."

Yes sir! No harm, no foul, and no penalties either. And… no mention of the battered wife. It’s almost like they chose sides.

Let’s check the comments.

I don't condone anyone being abused in any many...but isn't it quite obvious that there is a problem that extends itself to the missing wife? My personal opinion of her is that she is prentious[sic] and acts fatuously. This matter and the arrest was an act of obfuscating the masses...well done Mrs! But, just remember GOD has the last word and not public opinion! (3 sides) but I tend to lean towards the TRUTH!

Um… my head just exploded. Can anyone translate this gibberish? Let’s try another.

Shame on you Howard Barr. For not only ruining your family, but the other families as well. This planned scheme (prayer vigil) to dumbfound your congregation is really sad. I pray that instead of trying to clear your name that you take time to talk to God, ask for forgiveness, and stand still. There's more to this story than people realize. Just remember, you have daughters both old and young. What do you think they are thinking about their Daddy now?

Hey, I like where this is going. It sounds like accountability. Except that his church leadership is going to give him a pass. You know, because he is a man of god and all.

I’d like to know what triggered the event. My sources tell me it is allegedly a Tiger Woods type thing. To cheer things up, I’m thinking about starting a fund to buy Joyce Barr a new hat. She seems to really like them.