Saturday, December 12, 2009

I just don’t care about Christmas

vjack got me thinking this morning. This week’s idiot of the week is Those Who Insist That Christmas is Under Attack. I think he’s right on target. I’m sure not attacking Christmas. My wife and I go through  the motions because it is part of my duty to my family. I hate the whole obligatory gift giving ritual. Especially in hard economic times. I would much rather share a meal with my friends and talk about old times. Handing over some new bauble just makes the day a little more stressful. I’d rather not participate.

Religion plays no role in our holiday. We don’t go to church. We don’t pray. We don’t even talk religion. The is no Christ in Christmas because the vast majority of my Christian relatives don’t bring it up. We just share a meal and do a lot of talking.

The asshats who claim Christmas is under attack need to look at their own flock. My team could care less.

Jump over to vjacks blog and add your comments. I think he is right on this week.

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