Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Christian blog on the Atheist Blogroll?

Part of the pain of managed the Atheist Blogroll is the occasional Christian (and Islamic) blogger who tries to sneak on. To combat this, I read several posts from each blog. I find one or two stealth Christian blogs each month. I don’t know why they want on, but they sure are persistent.

I’ve let one agnostic on the blogroll who built a good case for his position. He believes there may be a god, but he is not religious and is firmly agnostic. We talked for a few weeks before I let him on. I read his blog weekly. I think I made the right choice.

I received an email from Jonathan Weyer of The Thomas Society requesting membership.

I would like my blog, The Thomas Society ( to join the atheist blog roll. But, before I get too far into it, I should tell you that I'm a Christian minister at Ohio State. However, our blog has Christian and atheist posters on it. So, I know we don't strictly meet the qualifications in this regard, but we have a high degree of credibility in the atheist community, including myself being on the Secular Student Alliance's speaker's bureau.

Here are some links to prove that: (look up the speaker's bureau section)

If we don't meet the qualifications, I completely understand.


Jonathan Weyer

I said no to the request, but thought I would run it by the larger community. I’m curious, what do you think?

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