Monday, May 25, 2009

Prayer kills

Doing is always better than praying. Especially when the doing is calling 911.  Leilani Neumann killed her own daughter when she exercised her religion in an attempt to have God heal her daughter’s ills.

Mom found guilty of reckless homicide

A Marathon County jury deliberated for about four hours before convicting Leilani Neumann, 41, of Weston. She faces up to 25 years in prison, but no sentencing date had been set.

She remains free on bond and declined to comment after the verdict was announced.

Neumann's daughter Madeline died from untreated diabetes on March 23, 2008, surrounded by people praying for her. When she stopped breathing, her parents' business and Bible study partners finally called 911.

Why is she free on bond? If there is justice in America, this nutball would begin serving her sentence today.

Near the end of the article is this quote:

Neumann's stepfather, Brian Gordon, said his stepdaughter did nothing wrong in trusting in God to heal her daughter.

"We should have that right in this country," he said.

I think we all share the right of reasonable care in the raising of our children. That right does not include negligence. In America, we go to prison when we let an innocent person die, even if it is through our own ignorance or superstition.

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