Monday, April 13, 2009

New book: Walking the Black Cat

I find that books of poems are more difficult to read than works of fiction. A thin volume, like Charles Simic's Walking the Black Cat, will take months before I feel sated. Poetry is like that.

I don’t know Simic’s work. I picked up his book because of an old man’s recommended. We were browsing the photography section together. He asked me what I was hoping to find. When I told him poetry, he laughed and told me I was in the wrong section.

I explained that I always start my journeys through a bookstore in the photography section. I find the works inspiring. Plus, they help my mood. I held a Minor White book in my hand at the time. The old man said, “Well, if you like White, then I think Simic is the man for you.” I don’t get the connection.

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