Monday, March 16, 2009

Pastor accused of theft

Say it ain't so.... A pastor would never steal, right?

Mark Anthony Rassmann, pastor of the Mount Pisgah A.M.E. Church of Haddonfield, said through an e-mail he has done "nothing illegal or unethical."

Details were not available about the accusations Saturday, but Rassmann's attorney, Salvatore Siciliano, said the accusations "have nothing to do with his role as pastor."

"Although he would like nothing more than to explain the situation in full detail, he is not at liberty to do so at this time," Siciliano said in a written statement. "There are matters currently pending against him and he has heeded the advice of his counsel to refrain from discussing any aspect of the case with anyone."

People, remember this is just an accusation. Don’t worry, Pastor Rassmann will continue to preach while this mess is investigated. I’m sure it is just a pack of lies meant to tear down a man of God. Please pass the collection plate.

***Update*** all charges against pastor Rassmann were dismissed.

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