Saturday, March 21, 2009

Go ahead, blame Satan

A 62-year-old administrative assistant blamed Satan for her alleged theft of $73K from her church.

A woman accused of taking more than $73,000 from the Arlington church where she was an administrative assistant blames the devil. Papers filed with a theft charge Wednesday in Snohomish County Superior Court say the 62-year-old Arlington woman told detectives "Satan had a big part in the theft."

Then there are the Christians who just act like Satan, like leadership of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church who hid pastors Darrell Gilyard’s prior sexual offenses. Why would you bring a sexual predator into your midst?

The prior allegations against the Rev. Darrell Gilyard include a previously undisclosed 1996 settlement by Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. Gilyard came to the West Beaver Street church in 1993 after resigning a Texas pastorate amid reports of affairs with church members.

I love this story. Pastor Gregory Clarke lost his appeal on a 21 month federal conviction for income tax fraud. Clarke, who is black, claimed the jury did not represent a fair cross section of the community. Of course, he means race, not the religious preference of the jury. Bad news Clarke, you are still a crook.

A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday there was sufficient evidence "from which a reasonable jury could have found Clarke guilty." The judges also found that the trial judge correctly calculated sentencing guideline ranges.

Yet they still protect them… Like the case of Rev. John Skehan, who stole thousands form his parish. His followers ask for leniency because he’s an old thief and prison would be hard.

After an almost two-hour hearing where defense witnesses asked a judge for leniency on behalf of the Rev. John Skehan, Judge Jeffrey Colbath said he had too many things to consider to hand down a sentence today.

And let’s not forget repeat offenders. Pastor Robert Wesley Bell is a former youth pastor arrested for sexual exploitation of a child. He was busted with child porn on his computer.

He was first convicted in 2006 and is awaiting sentencing for charges in 2008.

Police say, this time, Bell may have also had inappropriate contact with children in Colorado Springs.

Bell lives across the street from Corpus Christi Elementary School. Parents there want to know why Bell was allowed to live so close to a school.

The Catholics continue to have sexual abuse problems. A new lawsuit made the news this week when the Rev. Rudolf Renteria was sued for allegedly molesting an alter boy in the 80s.

A California man filed a lawsuit Friday accusing the Rev. Rudolf Rentería of sexually abusing him when he was the priest’s altar boy in Arlington in the 1980s.

The man, now in his 40s, is also suing the Fort Worth Roman Catholic Diocese, accusing it of covering up the priest’s actions. His father told another priest at the time of the alleged May 1981 incident, but Rentería was allowed to continue in the ministry, according to the suit. Rentería was "recycled into ministry in the Dallas Diocese," the suit alleges.

My stomach hurts. These freaks piss me off. Remember, the next time somebody tells you Atheists are immoral, point them to Hypocrisy Watch. With over 475 posts covering all manner of religious hypocrisy, Christians have no claim to the moral high ground either.