Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Church counselor accused of sexual battery

DavidFrankMartin Yes, that is a bulletproof vest David Frank Martin is wearing in his mug shot. I wonder why a church counselor would need a bulletproof vest? Could it be his arrest for sexual battery of a 11-year-old  and 13-year-old?

Indian River County Sheriff’s officers began their investigation on Saturday before 9 a.m. about possible sexual abuse at the Life for Youth Church Camp off 82nd Avenue.

Detectives were told that a church group from the Faith Fellowship Church in Melbourne had traveled to the Life for Youth Church Camp for a weekend retreat. The suspected church counselor, 40-year-old David Frank Martin, allegedly sexually battered and molested a person under the age of 18. Sheriff’s deputies said both victims were with the Melbourne church group.

Police are concerned there could be other victims.

Anyone with information about what happened at the weekend of March 13 retreat at the Youth Ranch for Life in Vero Beach is asked to contact Detective Joe Parrish of the Indian River Sheriff's Office at 772-978-6103.

Sandy offered the typical “real Christian” response.

That is another way to describe people of the church who give real christians a bad name. I can tell you, that he didn't know God, so it's not fair to say that he knew God and he still committed such an act. I do agree with the background check, they are useless. I think the best thing to do is always keep a close eye on people who are responsible for children and not just send them off an assume they will be okay.

Right, its not fair to call him a Christian because we call know a real Christian would never actually sin, right.