Saturday, January 24, 2009

LDS and polygamy

I’ve had a lot of Mormon friends in my life, dozens at least, maybe more. The are good people and good friends. Not a one of the was into polygamy. That’s why I cringe when I hear the term “offshoot Mormon polygamy cult”. I know it’s accurate, but drawing the association seems unfair. I’d prefer they were called simply a polygamist cult. It seems more accurate. The Mormons have enough problems without being painted with that brush.

I’m following the polygamy case of Winston Blackmore and James Oler up in Canada. This quote by Blackmore caught my attention.

“I think if I’m guilty of anything, I’m guilty of being a Canadian and just living my religion.”

Living my religion… What does a society do when confronted with a sect’s religious beliefs if those beliefs include pedophilia? I would hope the society says, “No, stop this insanity.”

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