Friday, May 30, 2008

Pastor Arrested For Child Molestation

I've seen this headline a few times now. John Chastain was a pastor in the Salvation Army. Now he stands accused of molesting a 13-year-old girl... for years.
He's accused of luring a teenager to perform sexual acts from the time she was 13 years old until she turned 16

Source: Former Pastor Arrested For Child Molestation - Central Florida News 13

I guess when his victim turned 16 she was kicked loose as a used goods - what an ass. I am sure his family is proud. I'd be inclined to kick his ass.


Anonymous said...

He's "accused". Other news sources say "alleged". What the hell are we doing as a society that we're "Guilty before proven Innocent"?!?!?

I'm inclined to kick your sorry ass for being such a dumb shit. How would you like to be "accused" of something like this only to be found innocent? Your life is screwed and no one has to account for what has happened to it?!?!?

Yeah, we live in a great country. Guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

Mojoey said...

no - I think you might be the dumbshit

Accused: The person against whom an accusation is made.

Alleged: Stated; recited; claimed; asserted; charged.

Both terms can be used to describe a person who stands charged of a crime.

Innocent until proven guilty is a legal concept. I'm a private citizen capable of forming an opinion. I am not under any obligation to use the legal process to form my opinion.

and just for the record - so far (that is in the last two years) of the hundred or so pastors I've tracked on this blog. Only one has been found innocent.

This guy's going down... for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

ok well at least yu dont have to deal with ur aunt dating him! he is dating my aunt. but we dont knw how to tell her.

Anonymous said...

to the one who's aunt he is dating. JUST TELL HER, IF SHE GETS MAD THEN OH WELL, SHE'LL GET OVER IT.

Anonymous said...

i was in the court room the day of his hearing, and he ONLY has 5 years probation, with "sex offernder" conditions. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, WHEN HE ADMITTED HE KNEW WHAT HE DID AND HE KNEW IT WAS WRONG.

Anonymous said...

You can all drop it. He was found "not guilty". And to the one who said he is dating your aunt. He is not. I know exactly who he is dating and she knows everything. So, it can't be her now can it.

Anonymous said...

He only plead guilty because it was either that or prison for 10. So he plead guilty and got 5yrs probation.