Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cheesus found in Houston

I know what I'm eating for Easter

A couple of years ago, the youth director at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church in Houston was snacking in the church youth offices when he noticed an odd-shaped Cheeto. Upon further inspection, Steve Cragg determined he could see a familiar image of Jesus in the shape of the cheese curl

Source: Church youth director spots image of Jesus in a Cheeto 3/20/08

The thing looks more like cheese fetus anyway - still delicious!

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Anonymous said...

The Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich was worth over $20,000. I'll be watching ebay to see what Cheesus fetches. ;)

Unknown said...

A cornflake shaped like Illinois sold for $1,300 - according to the local news.

I think all of this falls into the "more money than sense" category.

Carolyn Ann

vjack said...

I so love this sort of thing and how each one ends up being considered newsworthy by our poor excuse for a news media! Just when I start thinking that the American people might be able to handle an intelligent president such as Obama, something like this comes along.

Rikertron said...

Dude. "Cheese fetus" made me spit up some coffee.

I have to admit though, I saw familiar images in that snacklet as well. For example: Cheesus Christ seems to have arms made out of Buffalo wings.

Unknown said...

Hey - at least Cheesus is real!

All hail Cheesus. I think I need to stop, now. :-)

(Assuming no Photoshop, etc...)

Carolyn Ann