Friday, September 07, 2007

Christian Pole Dancing

What the hell

We wanted to take the stigma off it," said Walker, 48, of Auburndale. "We don't do any exotic at all; we're not into that. We're two Christian women. It's not about nudity; it's about getting your body to the place you want to be and not being judged.

They are teaching women to do strip club style pole dancing. They are Christians who believe they are not doing anything sexually suggestive.  Oh damn it - I think I just had a stroke.

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The Exterminator said...

What's next? Christian lap-dancing for shaping the buttocks?

Reason's Whore said...

Oh damn it - I think I just had a stroke.

Yes, but what were you stroking?

Oh, wait, I watched the video. Never mind. Urp.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Christian women wanting to feel sexy, act sexy and give their husbands a sexy show. Christian women are women too and it’s natural for a woman to feel sexy. What? Just because you love God, you can’t feel sexy? What’s that all about? It’s more about how you “conduct” yourself in public. If you act like a stripper in public, than that’s another thing. But I can certainly love God, and put on a sexy strip show for my well deserving husband, without compromising my committment to God.

Anonymous said...

it's not easy trying to support your body weight on a pole; don't judge before youtry it.

and what gave you the idea that pole dancing involves lewd behaviour? where have YOU been hanging out? perv.

Concerned Cynical said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am saddened by your apparent lack of concern about "private" life. Only public appearance matters to you?

The heart is the wellspring off life (Proverbs 4:23) and must be guarded. Over and over again, God talks about the heart in His Word. Clearly, He is more concerned with the inside - the private - than the out.

Calling the author a perv is uncalled for. Pole dancing was born in strip clubs. Strippers use it for exotic dancing and stripping to this day. Pole dancing will always be associated with strippers - "Christian" or not. Knowing this helps us to stay pure - and not fall into sin.

A Christian woman pole dancing resembles the world and is really pushing the line. We are called to be in the world - but not of it. We are called to be the light of the world - not the darkness. What fellowship can light have with darkness? What is a justified Christian women doing near a stripper's pole? What kind of a witness is that? A Christian woman pole dancing looks just like the world - where is the witness in that? Where is the difference? It makes us Christians look like hypocrites! We preach purity and than go off and pole dance! How hypocritical is that?!

There are other forms of exercise that accomplishes what pole dancing does - like gymnastics. "Christian" pole dancing is just an excuse these woman are using to get away with behaving like the world. They are lukewarm - caught between Christ and the "fun" of this life in this fallen world. Jesus says in Revelation he will spit out the lukewarm. God help them.

Anonymous said...

People get over yourselves, are you serious? There is nothing wrong with sex, dancing, erotic dancing, striping, if it is between a husband and wife. Now when it is done out side of marriage then obviously God has a problem with that. But you Christian women need to loosen up and give it to your husband’s the way they want it. If your husband would enjoy seeing you pole dance, or strip for him, go ahead, you honestly think God would mind? That kind of thinking is exactly why the divorce rate is higher among Christian couples. God created sex to be enjoyed between a husband and a wife. Just because the world has sex outside of marriage, and even buys/sells sex does this mean that Christians can't enjoy it. Listen Christian Wives take the class, please your husbands, and never use what you learn in the class to dance in a strip club. God won’t mind, and your husband will be very grateful. Just don't tell any of your "hollyer they thou" friends, because they will just never get it.