Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baptist pastor arrested for cruising

Don Corley, 70, a pastor at Bible Baptist Shepherd Church in Farmington, New Mexico, was arrested after soliciting a male police officer in a public park. Corley's life in is a shambles. I guess it is unacceptable for a pastor, father and grandfather to come out is such a public way.
"We acknowledge that our father and grandfather lived a double life. He has accepted the responsibility for his actions and has confessed his sin to God and his family. In light of the severity of his actions, he has resigned from his responsibilities at Bible Baptist Shepherd," the statement read.

Well... another pastor bites the dust, or in this case kneels in the dust.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, actually he is kneeling in the dust, but it's to pray.

Anonymous said...

He is a good man.

frederick said...

Thankfully our god is a forgiving God no one is to Godly to fall but God is always there to catch us if we come to him for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote that Don is a good man does not know him nor his twin brother Ron!! I do them and I know that Ron at least in his past molested and raped girls!! They are not good men!! They are men whose sin has finally been found out!! I believe these two men should pay back every penny that they got from the churches that supported them!! These men are not good men!! Yes thank God he is a forgiving God!!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Are Ron and Don Corley still alive?