Saturday, July 28, 2007

Christians behead Muslims

For people looking for further proof that religion breeds violence, they should look no farther that the conviction of 17 Christians convicted of beating 2 Muslims to death, beheading them, and then hiding their bodies.

A dozen Christian men were convicted Thursday and sentenced to up to 14 years in jail for beating to death and beheading two Muslims to avenge the government executions of three Christians in Indonesia last year.

Five other Christians received eight-year terms for burying the pair, who were set upon by a mob as they drove though a Christian neighborhood on Sulawesi island a day after the Sept. 22, 2006, executions of Fabianus Tibo and two other Christian militants.

There are no excuses here. No "they are not Christians" rants will be accepted. The Christian murders waited a year to act. When they acted, they did so with all the brutality and hate they could muster. They killed two men because of their religion. Does religion - no, does Christianity, make one moral? I don't think so.