Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cacy Cantwell fired for being an atheist

An investigator found ground's for Cacy Cantwell claims that he was fired for being an atheist. Cantwell was working as a manager for Maine Contract Farming, a subsidiary of DeCoster, Maine's largest brown egg producer.

Cantwell, who was provided housing he shared with a non-married partner, two of his children and three of her children, said he was criticized by DeCoster, a devout Christian, who didn't approve of the living arrangement.

On another occasion, DeCoster brought up God in a conversation, and Cantwell responded by saying he was an atheist and didn't believe in God.

Cantwell told the investigator that DeCoster put his hand on his shoulder and told him: "I can't have someone like you here. We might need to part ways.

Believe in god is essential to brown egg production, everyone knows that. They should of demanded a Christian loyalty pledge when they first hired him. Those poor little brown eggs.

But seriously - being fired for your lack of faith happens. Just like getting your ass kicked for a snarky bumper sticker.


Johnny C said...

I've never been fired for being an athiest, but I have gotten shitty service, I was almost kicked out of school for it, and I was refused a ride in a car (hitchhiking) for being an atheist. Apparently if I wanted a ride I needed to be open to the "word of god".

Jacob Newbert said...

He's not an atheist i know him he has never been an atheist