Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pastor gets 26 to 33

Thomas Lindell Robinson was convicted of two counts each of first-degree sexual offense on a child less than 13 and indecent liberties with a child. Robinson was sentenced to 26 to 33 in state prison. Robinson is 56, 26 years is a death sentence. Does he desire it? Here is his story.

Pastor Robinson was the leader of the New Life Christian Center in North Carolina. His small church operated a day care center. Robinson repeatedly molested and rapped 12 year old girl who attended his day car center, ultimately impregnating her. The girl has subsequently delivered a child, unfortunately the child died after six sort months of life.

Nobody in the tight knit church informed the police. The girls parents did not even bring the matter to light. A neighbor altered authorities to the third trimester pregnancy of the 12 year old girl. Where were the members of Robinson church when this issue came to light? They stood behind him.

DNA evidence proved Robinson fathered the baby. Love letters from Robinson to the child proved his intent. Robinson did not take the stand in his defense, nor did he offer any character witnesses. The jury had an easy job.

Does Robinson desire to die in prison? Yes.

I have other questions. How is it possible for a 12 year old girl to reach her third trimester without her parents answering for why she is pregnant. What about the other members of his church? There is more to the story,  more misdeeds hidden behind the doors of the New Life Christian Center. Why are there no other arrests? Why is it that other churches or religious leaders are not calling for an investigation? What does it take to get noticed? Does Robinson have to impregnate all the girls at his day care center to reach the national press or the attention of christian bloggers? The lack of coverage is amazing. This story is brutal - yet it will pass into obscurity without the slightest notice. Only a few people in the local community will remember - and a 12 year old girl who mourns the loss of her baby and her innocence.