Sunday, March 11, 2007

Former Waco pastor headed for prison

A friend in Waco passed this gem along to me. A local pastor was being served with an arrest warrant when he jumped in a car and lead police on a high speed chase. Ron Keener was the quintessential pastor and community leader who turned to a life of crime. Why does this story sound so familiar?

Keener, dressed in black-and-white striped jail clothes, answered Morgan’s questions in a loud, clear voice and only nodded in agreement when Morgan commented how unusual it was for him to be sentencing someone to prison who has a master’s degree from the Southwestern Theological Baptist Seminary.

I've been to Texas a couple of dozen times. When in Texas, I do not drive over the speed limit out of fear of an old school beat down. I cannot imagine what occurred when Keener was finally caught. I bet he was eating pudding for a month.

While looking into this story I found Bad Religion. It chronicles Keener type offenses from 2005 on.

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beepbeepitsme said...

You drive in the south?

Maybe I have seen "Deliverance" too many times..

Anonymous said...

I had a question and comment about your Feb. 13 post concerning the San Francisco Peaks. Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

"South" pervades Texas indeed -- but music scene of Houston, Austin, and Dallas rivaled the Filmore and Bay Area in the 70s; it's still there just went underground.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised a pastor got accused of anything in the Bible Belt.

You'd think they'd all be too brainwashed to place any limits on a "man of God".

Kilgore Trout said...

I only spent two weeks in Texas but I remember the impression that the cops were pretty laid back, as long as you're white. One kid about 15-16 carrying two cases of beer was told to hurry up and get back to his hotel by the police.

I laughed when I clicked on the link for Bad Religion, I was thinking of the punk band by the same name.

Anonymous said...

I actually used to work with Ron Keener. He was our church administrator when I was in Abilene. He was quite a character. Sad to see this happen to him.