Friday, October 13, 2006

Nutball Alert: Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin has always been a "B' player. His acting sucks, his movies for the most part are marginal, and he has a long history of drug use and womanizing. In short, he's a typical Hollywood creep. Then he found Jesus, now he is just totally fucking crazy.

A Christian I respect, Bono of U2, is taken to task by Saint Stephen in his new book, The Unusual Suspect. Apparently, humanitarian acts of charity are "un-Christian". What a nutball. Bono has used his fame and influence to help thousands of people, all in keeping with his faith. I happen to be watching Bono on TV at the moment (fox news is doing a PR piece on Bono's Product Red AIDS awareness campaign). Bono is helping to create a culture dedicated to helping people in need. It's a good thing. What the hell has Saint Baldwin done with his life besides line his pockets at the trough of the young and gullible.

Here is what nutball Saint Stephen Baldwin has to say:

Radar: In your book, you take issue with Bono, and there's a passage where you suggest that he should be preaching the gospel on MTV and let God take care of Third World debt relief. How can you fault a guy for advocating Third World debt relief?

SB: I'm not faulting the guy for that. The problem I have is this: Let's say those poor people in those poor countries are relieved of their debt, but they don't know Jesus. Okay, so their life's more comfortable, but then what happens, according to the Bible? You tell me what the point of that is.

Source: The Radar online - Saint Stephen

How stupid is this guy? Does he really think it is an either or proposition. Either help the poor or bring them to Jesus? I can't believe people listen to this guy. Wait, President Bush has Stephen Baldwin on his team as a cultural advisor.

He has been named a cultural advisor to President Bush, a formidable follow-up to his invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention, where he announced proudly from the podium, "I'm here because of my faith."

Source: Salon - Dude, where's my cross?

Baldwin is not a Christian, he's an actor. He's playing the role of a culturally relevant voice, only he's really a has been. When asked if he knew the Ten Commandments or the names of the disciples, he stumbled, he stammered, and he got it all wrong.

The Ten Commandments:

Radar: Can you name the Ten Commandments.
SB: Gosh, I should know this. I spank my children because they don't know this. Let me think.... Thou shall not kill.... Thou shall not steal.... [Long pause] Honor thy mother and father.... [Another long pause] Shall not covet thy neighbor's wife....

The disciples:

Radar: Can you name me the 12 disciples?
SB: Dude, I got kicked off Celebrity Mole twice 'cause I suck at this. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Timothy—

Source: The Radar online - Saint Stephen

The least he can do is study his lines...

Bono just finished speaking on Fox. Here are his closing remarks:

Because that is who they are, that's who American's are, it is not just a country, America, it is an idea. That idea is tied up in equality. if we really believe that lives are of equal value, then an accident of longitude and latitude should not decide whether they live or die. Amen.

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Lexcen said...

You've tapped into one of my pet hates, actors trying to be profound or relevant or political. Why can't they realize that their fame and fortune is based upon their craft of pretending to be someone they're not.
How can anyone take them seriously?

The Uncredible Hallq said...

You missed the point that Baldwin's criticisms of Bono make perfect sense once you accept the fundie worldview... this is an often-overlooked truth about much of what they do.

Pete Blackwell said...

Ha. Matthew Mark Luke and John weren't disciples! They wrote the gospels but they weren't among the 12.

Anonymous said...

So yes, Stephen Baldwin was unable to state all of the commandments & apostles, but that doesn't discredit him as a Christian. I noticed the writer of this article, Mojoey, mispelled two words: NEW(he should have used 'KNEW')and WEATHER(should have used WHETHER), but I'm not going to start pointing fingers & try to belittle him publicly for it!

Mojoey said...

there is one word I spell well. Fuck - Do you know it? As in fuck off, or who fucking cares. It's a blog, spelling in not my major concern. Sanctimonious picks like you and Baldwin and my major concern.

But hay, if you want to be my editor, by all means...

HGONZ said...

It's safe to say that no one (not even his brothers) give 2 flying fucks about Stephen Baldwin. He is just a douche who is riding his brothers fame, like Frank Stallone and Roger Clinton. And he is a complete nutjob I do agree.