Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Atheist registry my ass

I read the story of dimwitted pastor Mike the other day. He proposed an Atheist registry so that Christians can keep track of us dangerous atheists. He’s taken his blog private. I’m not surprised either. Bad ideas do not survive public scrutiny. What he proposed is ludicrous. It makes Christians look like idiots. We are legion. You cannot list us. We’ve done nothing wrong. Silly pastor Mike. We list you.

Animodi, Emmanuel, 2011/06, Nondenominational, Sexual Assault
Anthony, Michael Louis, 2010/04, Nondenominational, Convicted of rape
Ashwell, Barry, 2010/09, Catholic, Child molestation
Ates, Jimmy, 2011/03, Baptist, Murder
Baldwin, Irvin “Pete”, 2010/08, Unknown, Solicitation of a minor
Bendert, William, 2010/09, Lutheran, Solicitation of a minor
Black, Robert Michael , 2009/04, Baptist, Solicitation
Bolton, John, 2010/08, Baptist, Rape of a teen girl
Brennan, Jennifer, 2009/09, Methodist, Child molestation
Brown, Lawrence, 2010/07, Baptist, Solicitation of an underage girl
Brown, Matthew, 2010/09, Baptist, Lewd messaging
Bullock, Dwight, 2010/03, CME, Child molestation
Burkhalter, Damian, 2011/06, Lutheran, Child molestation
Cabe, William, 2010/08, Baptist, Child molestation
Calhoun, Nathaniel, 2010/09, Nondenominational, Child molestation
Campaner, Renato, 2011/06, CoC, Attempted murder
Cardelli, Dino, 2010/09, Nondenominational, Child molestation
Casey, Jerry, 2010/09, Nondenominational, Sexual assault
Casey, William, 2010/09, Catholic, Child molestation
Castillo, Alex, 2010/08, Catholic, Child molestation
Conder, Jacob, 2010/10, Baptist, Child Molestation
Corapi, John, 2011/06, Catholic, Sexual Misconduct
Cordova, Jorge, 2011/06, Catholic, Sexual Abuse
Curran, Thomas, 2010/09, Catholic, Child molestationn
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